CoCo Mi Moi is a Toronto based company committed to creating 100% natural skincare products. Our products are thoughtfully, minimalist, handmade in small batches and simply designed with fresh organic ingredients that gurantee the best results. 


We believe that all natural products contribute to the best skincare possible, and we want to make, and offer truly natural skincare products accessible to everyone. This will be done by making all of our products ourself. This way we can pay attention to every minute detail, know exactly what's in each formula and ensure consistency and high quality. We take extra care to source pure, exquisite ingredients that are organic, cruelty-free and safe for all skin types. We want to bring the luxury of natural skincare to your every day routine. We absolutely love what we do and are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and perfecting formulas so they we can find a variety of ways to support you skincare regime. 

Sincerely, Shanice McCarthy 

CEO, Founder.